We dedicated each week of the holidays to a different kind of giving, telling stories of people who give differently, and giving our customers a few special gifts of our own.


Dec 11, 2017

A Robot With a Heart

And all the pick-me-ups we needed to get through the holidays.

Our 2017 holiday season was dedicated to all the unexpected and delightful forms of giving. So, naturally, we challenged ourselves to rethink what a gift, from us to you, could look like.

And that’s why we brought the CheerBot into your life.

We assumed you weren’t all professional athletes with throngs of fans donning your jersey and chanting your name on a weekly basis. We also assumed you weren’t professional musicians with a fan club full of people that have either tattooed your lyrics to their bodies or given doing so some serious consideration. We assumed you were, well, normal. Living a normal life with a normal job and spending your free time enjoying normal things and not getting bowled over with adoration on a day-to-day basis.

While normalcy sounds easy enough, we know a normal life can actually be pretty hard. Unforeseen obstacles finding their way into everyone’s daily paths seemingly without notice, or as John Lennon once put it, more eloquently, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” We knew we could all use a little push to keep going. When you texted the CheerBot the 👏 emoji, it sent you a beautifully designed poster with a motivational message. The posters were designed by artists from all over the world and curated by the Portland, Oregon-based design collective, FISK, who, following our collaboration on the “Give Handsome” phone wallpapers, officially became Friends of Harry’s.The hope was that this tiny little robotic cheerleader would bring a little light into your day, and to anyone else who needed the boost. From what we heard, it sounds like it did. And that made us really happy.

Here, a look back at some of the motivational posters that are *still* keeping us in good spirits.

‍Artwork by Sara Andreasson
Artwork by Sara Andreasson
‍Artwork by Stefano Giustiniani
Artwork by Stefano Giustiniani
‍Artwork by Annu Kilpeläinen
‍‍Artwork by Annu Kilpeläinen
‍Artwork by Clay Hickson
‍‍Artwork by Clay Hickson
‍Artwork by Bijan Berahimi
Artwork by Bijan Berahimi

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